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GPNaz Teaching Outline - April 21, 2024
 Excavate – Acts 14

Acts 13:16-41 - Paul’s Sermon 
~ Paul begins by showing the Preparation for Christ
~ Paul showed the Fulfillment of Christ

  • This Good news about Jesus and His salvation was for all of them.

Acts 13:44-52 - Response & Opposition 

  • Paul and Barnabas do not back down, but they also don’t point people to themselves; they don’t prop themselves up.                                                                                                      Instead, they bring them to the Scriptures—this quotation from Isaiah—showing that this was not Paul’s or Barnabas’s plan, but God’s plan all along. 

The Rest of the Journey (Chapter 14)
  • Remember that Jesus was the promised Messiah and is our only hope.

  • Expect that your life will be more complicated (at times) because you are a Christian.

  • The Holy Spirit will not be stopped.
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