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GPNAZ Teaching Outline - March 20, 2022
Breadcrumbs: These Forty Days “The Weight of Sin” Matthew 5:27-30

Defining Lust
  • Matthew 5 seeks to emphasize the shared responsibility of men in adultery in a culture that has a tendency to scapegoat women.
Responsibility for Sin
  • Jesus’s harsh words here show the lengths to which someone should go in order to prevent inflicting their own sin upon others.

  • We are responsible for our own sins.

  •  We are responsible for the consequences of our actions.

Galatians 3:28 is a helpful reminder for us here. The kingdom of God includes women and men together, as equals.
Lent is a season that is designed to “gouge out eyes.”

  • When we find sin, it is important not to ignore it but to confess it.

  • Offering grace does not mean forgoing consequences.

Living in the Kingdom of God
  • The kingdom of God values people over individual desires.

May we take the time to examine our hearts well so that we may more faithfully live as citizens of the kingdom of God in all aspects of our lives.
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