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GPnaz Teaching Outline – April 17, 2022
Breadcrumbs: These Forty Days: “Living Hope – part 2” John 20:1–18

It would be a mistake to view this resurrection day as a one-time act that we observe and celebrate…

We rejoice that Jesus was raised, but we also rejoice that we too are continually being brought to life!
The Garden
  • Jesus is a gardener of sorts, causing new life to grow where there was once death.
Mission and Gospel
  • Jesus empowers Mary to share the gospel, and she leaves their encounter changed.

  • We are called to be a resurrection community, called out of sin and death, just like Mary and the disciples.
New Life from Death
  • Living the resurrected life means walking the hard road to the cross.
  • Resurrection people know that, in the power of the Spirit, we can do hard things.
  • Baptism is the initiating act into the community of resurrection.

We declare that Christ is risen here this morning, in this space, in this place,
and then we go into the world to work for, speak of,
 and declare resurrection IN and TO the world around us.
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