Teaching Outline

GPnaz Teaching Outline – May 15, 2022
Breadcrumbs: “Blueprints – Joshua” 2:14-21

What We Learn from Joshua
  • The Israelites had to take a step of faith before their circumstances changed. 
  • God Was Faithfull, God is Faithful, and God will be faithful. His character never changes!

  • God does not take sides. It is up to us to get on his side!
  • Do not rebuild what God has torn down.  Do not go back to what he has rescued you from!
  • “Not one of Gods good promises has failed”

Joshua 2: 14-21
Rahab and the Scarlet chord, when we come back…
make sure all your family is inside the house.

Do you have faith to tie the scarlet chord in the window of your life?
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