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GPnaz Teaching Outline August 14, 2022
Breadcrumbs; Navigation: Titus & Philemon

Titus 1:1-5
Paul wants them to know how to represent Jesus well.
  • Put in order what remained to be done.
  • Appoint elders in every town.
The elders were to be overseers of the church sometimes called bishops.1:6-9
  • These are things they must be modeled for the believers.
What he says is that mentoring matters. 
  • learn from those who are ahead of them
  • teach those who are behind them
  • encourage those who are alongside of them

Paul tells them he wants the older, more mature in their faith men to teach the younger men and
 I want the older, more mature in their faith women to teach the younger women.
Then we read the letter of Philemon – Mentoring continues…

Remember: Paul is teaching us to represent Jesus WELL!
            TWO QUESTIONS:
  • Who are you following and are they modeling what you want to be?
  •  Who are you leading/mentoring?
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