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GPnaz Teaching outline – August 28, 2022
Breadcrumbs: Discourse – Psalm 1-15

Within the book of Psalms, we see two distinctive types:
  • Songs of lament – passionate expression of grief or sorrow.
  • Psalms of praise – the respect and gratitude as an act of Worship.

What the Psalms Teach us:
  • . The Psalmists teach us to end with praise.  
  • The psalms teach us that God is one to all can speak!

The Hebrews had Seven Words of Praise:
Yadah: to hold out the hands
Halal: to boast. To rave. To shine. To celebrate.
Zamar: To make music. To celebrate in song and music.
Towdah: An extension of the hand. Thanksgiving. A confession. A sacrifice of praise.
Barak: To kneel. To bless God (as an act of adoration). To praise. To Thank.
Tehillah: Laudation. A hymn. A song of praise. Anew song. A spontaneous song.
Shabach: To address in a loud tone. To shout. To commend glory, and triumph.
Psalm 8:1-9 – Psalm of Praise
Psalm 1:1-4 – Psalm of lament and Praise

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