Teaching Outline

GPnaz Teaching outline – September 18, 2022
 Breadcrumbs: Discourse – Psalm 46-60
Psalm 51:1-12
  • Repentance is the foundation of the Christian life.

There is a Difference between Repentance and Confession:
Confession: is an admission that we have done something wrong.
Repentance: means we are going to turn around and stop doing it

  • But through repentance, God cleans the glasses and suddenly we see God in a way that we have not previously seen him.
  • When we repent, suddenly we have this clear view of God and what he is all about.
Let’s look again at Psalm 51: 1-2
Blot out my transgressions.  Wash away my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.”
Transgressions: My out of bounds or crossed the line.

Wash away my Iniquity: crooked bent – not as God intended.

Cleanse my sin: Knowingly disobey God.

Psalm 51: 10, “Create in me a pure heart, Oh God, and renew a steadfast sprit within me.”

“Whatever weakens your reason,
Whatever increases the authority of your body over your mind,
Whatever impairs the tenderness of your conscience,
Whatever takes away your relish for things that are spiritual,
Whatever obscures your sense of God,
That is sin to you, no matter how innocent it may seem in itself.”
Suzanna Wesley
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