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GPnaz Teaching Outline – December 4, 2022
Let Us Adore Him: “Peace” Romans 15:4-13

Is Peace the Absence of Conflict, or is it Something Else Entirely?
  • Aligning one’s attitude with Christ is what brings about one mind and one voice with which to glorify God.
The Members of the Church in Rome
 Were Allowing their Disagreements to Divide Them.

  • The focus Isn’t on What is Best for me and my Relationship with Christ but on What is Good for our Neighbors, What Builds Up the Community.

Though the Community of Faith Disagrees, the Foundation is the Same.
  • The people are united not because they agree on everything but because they have the same foundation.
 This Passage is a Call to be More Like Christ.
  • The way to live in community with one another is not to ignore the issues but to be reminded of who we are called to be like.
“If peace on earth begins with me, 
what do I need to change in my life to be a peacemaker?”
If God has extended grace and mercy to us,
where do we need to extend grace and mercy?
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