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GPNAZ Teaching Outline – November 26, 2023
“Joy of Every Longing Heart – Light” Psalm 80

To Lament is to be Honest.
  • When a community acknowledges the truth together, the community can heal together. It’s difficult to address a need no one knows is there.

  • Living in Community means caring for one another.”
Lament is 70% of the Psalms.
  • Lament is normalized in the Psalms as part of living in a broken world.

  • Lament is part of what it means to follow God.
Psalm 80 is a Lament that is Directed at God.
  • This is similar to the ways we today place blame on God for things that are often not God’s fault.

  • This lament is rooted in hope. We address God because we believe God will listen and respond.
Advent is a Season of Intermingled Lament and Hope.
  • There is hope in the midst of the longing too.
Lament is Not the Opposite of Hope.
  • Taking time to lament opens us up to the possibility of hoping and trusting  in the faithfulness of God.

As we lament, we are open to confession, to repentance, to the beauty of resurrection life in the middle of it all.
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